- Sir Winston Churchill


Sir Winston Churchill loved horses. It was largely as a result of his passionate petition that World War I warhorses were safely returned to Britain and Tedworth. He is often credited with the phrase: 


“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man… that is … riding a horse improves a person’s mental or physical health”.


Historians/equestrians may suggest that this saying was popular before he was born, and we will suggest that this has never been more relevant than it is for the Armed Forces Community of today.  




















As a result of that belief, Tedworth Equestrian – The Armed Forces Community Equine Charity, was formed in 2019.  The Charity deliberately selected a name that combined a geographical area which is hugely significant in both its equine and military heritage, together with the identification of who it is set up to support.   


Prior to 1650 it is known there was a large country residence, which was rebuilt around 1830 to become the current Tedworth House.  At this time an impressive stable building was added on, as the new owner was known to be a brilliant horseman, who also had vast tracts of land cleared, now known as Salisbury Plain Training Area.  By 1845 it housed 50 horses, and subsequent tenants in the house built a racetrack, Tedworth Park.  One of the racehorses trained here, Salamander, went on to win the Grand National in 1866.  In 1897 the house was sold to the War Office, and barracks were built to house the predominantly mounted military units, on their return from overseas.   With connected stabling and proximity to appropriate exercise areas for their horses, it was a suitable site for Tedworth Garrison to be established in 1901.  Horses at Tedworth and the Armed Forces communities continued to grow, with the First Southern Command Horse Show held in 1927, and the Army Horse Trails, held here between 1952 – 2002. As war horses faded out and armour was introduced, the barracks and its facilities expanded and continue to do so today.  However, horses have remained here throughout, and their interaction with the military communities has continued to adapt.  Working alongside these changes the Charity was established to offer:   


·       Equine Therapy: both physical and mental  

·       Equine Learning   

·       Recovery, Recuperation and Rehabilitation  

·       Improving the lived experience from cradle to grave, through sport and recreation.     

·       Advice and Guidance  


You will find details on what is delivered under each of these areas on this website, along with details of the Charity’s current two Trading Subsidiaries:  Tedworth Park Riding and Tedworth Park Polo.  Please click on these links to find out what they offer for the Armed Forces Community: its Serving Personnel and their Dependents; Veterans and the Bereaved; and the Local Community around where Armed Forces are based.   


This combination of a location combined with strategic audience fits the Charity’s working practice.  The Charity directly engages, enables, assures and supports each of its own or affiliated equestrian centers spread across the UK, in order that they can each make the above services available to the local Armed Forces Community. This combined effort aims to reach the total beneficiary population, which is in excess of 3 million people.  


Thank you for looking us up on the world wide web.  Please consider supporting our work and what we do for the whole of the Armed Forces Community – military and civilian; young and old.  We would be delighted to host you for a visit at any of our equine centers or welcome you at any of our major events, so that you can see, first-hand, how the power of horses can do so much for a community we cherish.  

Tedworth Equestrian is registered as a charity in England and Wales, number 1184971. Tedworth Equestrian is registered in England and Wales as a company limited by guarantee, number 11843722. Registered office: The Pavilion, Arcot Road, Tidworth, Wiltshire, SP9 7AH.



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